ALBUM STREAM – This Way to the EGRESS – “Great Balancing Act”

This Way to the EGRESS presents their astonishing new album Great Balancing Act. The band’s sound is a colorful collision of ragged rock, skewed eastern European beats, gipsy ska, sultry tangos and other brands of unclassifiable musical mayhem. The album was just self-released May 19, 2015.

This Way to the EGRESS cascades onto the stage in a breathtaking explosion of sound and color that’s equal parts unruly vaudeville, ebullient world beat band and three ring circus. The six-person troupe plays a swooning, crooning, swinging amalgamation of styles that catapults the audience through time and space with unexpected shifts of styles, costumes and time signatures. Confetti snowstorms, tuba farts, fire wielding evangelists, Balinese chanting and puppets sweep across the stage creating a jubilant, anything goes atmosphere, anchored by the band’s superlative songwriting skills and sterling musicianship. Accordion, violin and tuba aren’t instruments you usually find fronting a rock band, but This Way To The EGRESS uses them to give the music unexpected textures, while retaining a propulsive beat and generating enough energy to light up a small city.

As fans of the band’s versatile songwriting and no fear musicianship, Glide is premiering Great Balancing Act. While quickly reminding us of Gogol Bordello, Tom Waits and Man Man, This Way to the EGRESS impresses with their own absolute relentless energy, versatility and voice, while their live shows are insurmountably entertaining.

” The Great Balancing Act has marked a new place for This Way to the EGRESS,” says Sarah Egress. It is really becoming something greater than us. It’s about the music and how it brings people together. It is a call to arms. It’s about finding the space in between everything where all things work. It’s about life and living.”

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