Outformation Gears Up For Fastburn

Outformation will release their newest album, “Fastburn,”, the Atlanta-based band’s follow up to their 2007 release, “Traveler’s Rest”.   Guitarist/vocalist Sam Holt says, “We didn’t have a plan making this record, why restrict ourselves. This is our best work.”

 "Fastburn" was produced by Outformation and Eli Akins at Fidelitorium Recording Studio, owned by Mitch Easter  (R.E.M., Suzanne Vega). “Fastburn” is a culmination of high energy and creative relationships.  Outformation really turns up the heat with this newest release.

 Outformation’s sound draws on a variety of genres, from electrified southern tunes to powerful, melodic vocals.  Since being named Honest Tune’s “Best New Band” in 2005, Outformation has built a reputation for bringing the music to the people by playing across the U.S. to their loyal fan base. As an appreciation to the fans, Outformation offered the new album, “Fastburn” to their fans for free for two weeks, a month before the album’s actual release.  The fans were in fact much appreciative, as the album received several thousands of downloads in the first week.

 Outformation is guitarist-vocalist Sam Holt, guitarist Benji Shanks, bassist Grady Upchurch, drummer-singer Lee Schwartz, and percussionist Jeff “Birddog” Lane. 

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