Neil Young: Fork In The Road


If you saw Neil Young on tour last year or read about his eco-friendly car in the news, you probably saw this coming. Heck, if you have been following Young’s career for the past 40 years, you probably saw this coming. It’s no secret he does what he wants, when he wants to do it; and he’s done it again. Fork in the Road is Young’s newest attempt to get something off his chest and into your CD player or iPod, and it’s a raw and confusing trip. There are some songs that might stand the test of time—“Just Singing a Song” or “Light a Candle”—but really, these songs sound unfinished, if not passionate.

“Cough Up the Bucks” finds Young in a rapping mode, similar to “Mr. Disappointment” off Are You Passionate?, and the opener, “When Worlds Collide,” quickly heads for the median. “Fuel Line” is deliberately sloppy, and by the time you get to “Get Behind the Wheel,” there’s a good chance you’ve already made for a quick exit. The closing title track is hilarious and catchy, though, so it’s probably your best bet to stay on the ride until the end. Just don’t hesitate to give Fork in the Road a dusty spot next to Landing on Water or Everybody’s Rockin’ on your shelf after your one-way ticket expires.

Fork In The Road – Neil Young

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