ALBUM PREMIERE: Chris Marshall & The August Light – ‘Some Kind of Dream’

On June 23rd Portland, Oregon-based Chris Marshall & The August Light will celebrate the release of their latest full-length, Some Kind of Dream. The album is a departure from the alt. country/Americana of their previous works, and an expansion of the new ground they started to chart on 2012’s Waltz EP.

Kicking off with a grandiose wash of orchestral sounds, Some Kind of Dream is thoughtfully crafted pop music that finds each member adding their own distinctive musical fingerprint on it. This includes Patti King of The Rentals and Radiation City, who also produced the record and adds to the gorgeous, atmospheric harmonies present throughout. Chris Marshall & The August Light have made the the kind of album you can throw headphones on and zone out to with Some Kind of Dream, or you can crank it up and it’ll sound just as killer. Either way, give a listen to our exclusive stream of the Portland group’s new album:

‘Some Kind of Dream’ comes out June 23rd on In Music We Trust Records. For more info check out their Facebook page!

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One thought on “ALBUM PREMIERE: Chris Marshall & The August Light – ‘Some Kind of Dream’

  1. Chris Rust Reply

    Marshall and his crew have done it again. Mixing emotionally charged melodies with driving rhythms, this album has got something for every listener!

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