Destroyer Releasing Bay Of Pigs EP

On August 18, Merge will release the new Destroyer EP, Bay of Pigs, exclusively on 12-inch vinyl. Bay of Pigs is a limited-edition EP with over 20 minutes of new Destroyer material. Destroyer will be on tour in July on the East Coast and will perform at XX Merge.
At 13:37, “Bay of Pigs” is the longest of Destroyer songs. It is also Destroyer’s first foray into the ambient disco market. The song was recorded throughout the winter of 2009 with longtime Destroyer collaborators/members John Collins and David Carswell at their JCDC Studio in downtown Vancouver. “Bay of Pigs” is an account of the 1961 American invasion of Cuba, often referred to as The Bay Of Pigs.
The music for “Ravers” was played entirely on analogue synthesizer, and recorded, by Ted Bois (Destroyer, Pink Mountaintops) in April 2009. It explores some of the more meditative realms of 20th Century classical composition. The song itself is a casual rumination on parties, political parties, madness and suffering (for one’s art).

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