Wilco Drops New Free Download Album Release Titled ‘Star Wars’

Coming off an epic Solid Sound weekend a few weeks back, Wilco didn’t tease or play very much new material but at the same time its been four whole years since Wilco proper put out a record, 2011’s The Whole Love.

Wilco has released a surprise new 11 track album on its website titled Star Wars that you can download for free. Pay a visit to Wilco’s official site to download and no early reports are in as to whether or not this one stacks up amongst such vaulted titles as Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, Being There and Summerteeth.

unnamed (3)

 Star Wars Tracklist:

01. EKG

02. More…

03. Random Name Generator

04. The Joke Explained

05. You Satellite

06. Taste the Ceiling

07. Pickled Ginger

08. Where Do I Begin

09. Cold Slope

10. King of you

11. Magnetized

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