Papadosio Headlines F.A.R.M. Music & Arts Festival July 23-26 (FESTIVAL PREVIEW)

One doesn’t usually think of New Jersey as the home of successful festivals that draw. However, that is set to change with F.A.R.M. Music and Arts fest scheduled to take place July 23-26th on the beach at Paradise Lake in Hammonton, New Jersey.  F.A.R.M. Music and Arts festival stands for Future of Artistic and Revolutionary Minds – a transformative three day gathering that is conspired around the creative free thinking movement. It is for people who gather together to engage in beautiful experiences not only rooted in superior music. The event is designed to uplift people’s sense of creative thinking and sustainable living with the musicians who feel it, artists who express it and teachers who explain it. The festival is so much more than a deep eclectic mix of quality music.

The artist line-up this year is even more extensive than ever before as the fest plans to broaden the horizon of one’s musical tastes and talents to a wide variety of genres while still reaching back to the roots of what comprises music: the beat, the rhythm, and the movement. The lineup is chock full of eco-conscious acts including headliner Papadosio playing two nights, Nahko and the Medicine People and others. The bill includes shredding trio Consider the Source and guitar troubadour Keller Williams, but it is the depth of talent showcasing emerging young bands like Jimkata, The Hornitz, The Mantras and Viral Sound that has the scene buzzing with anticipation.  There is also excitement for multi-talented electronic artist Space Jesus, who will be performing a rare live band set – which should be festive to say the least.  There are over 65 bands performing the best in jam, jamtronica, trance as well as numerous renowned electronic artists including Horizon Wireless and DJ Sawka. What sets the fest apart are the plethora of options one may choose to engage in when they are not attending music.


Live art will be on display from artists all around the country. There are more than 10 visual artists in attendance and live painting will take place during the proceedings. There are art installations which are created to enrich the attendee with a wonderful creative free flowing environment. One will be immersed in a world of original pieces that are specially designed to stimulate the senses and become enthralled with entertainment and wonder. The Artist will teach and display the hard work and values that it takes to create within the field of fine arts and one can hope they will inspire the audience in the unending quest for one’s true self-created expression. Flow performances will create an amazing show that becomes interactive. It is intended to teach and inspire attendees to get in the spot light and share a space with other performers, provide education on fire and flow safety, and give time to interact and compete in various activities and games. Workshops will instill education and inspiration as a fundamental values one needs to acquire for the Future of Artistic and Revolutionary Minds. The fest wants attendees to leave knowing that they learned something valuable. F.A.R.M. Fest acts as a surrogate teacher educating individuals on self-preservation and how to live a more innovative life by including lessons on permaculture, holistic medicines, flow arts, aquaculture, meditation, yoga, scientific phenomenon’s, and much more. More than a music festival, F.A.R.M. Fest is poised to change one’s life for the better!

Tickets are reasonably priced at only $135 for the entire festival and can be purchased here:    VIP Packages are also available.

Seven Must See Artist at F.A.R.M. Fest:

Anthony Thogmartin leads his trippy troupe through exploratory jamming and tight solos.  The band is known to explore the unknown while taking a stance on pertinent issues.

Keller Williams

The master story teller and looper extraordinaire is a festival favorite.  His soothing upbeat sounds will enlighten fervent fans.

Nahko and the Medicine People
Nahko has a unique style and flair all his own and is perfecting suited to the fest’s spiritual sensibilities.  He is known to convert fans after an initial listen with his smooth and subtle delivery with insightful lyrics.

The Werks
The rocking group from Ohio is on a tear of late with Chris Houser melting faces along the way.  Drummer Rob Chafin is a heavy hitter behind the skins and will have you bouncing to the rhythm.

Consider the Source
The middle-eastern sci-fi fusion is delivered proper by three musicians with a unique sound.  The instrumental trio put on a clinic in professional musicianship with Gabe Marin and John Fererra leading the charge with exquisite chops.


The Boston-based outfit has been garnering new fans in droves with heavy touring.  They are known for their sick covers ranging from Korn to Pink Floyd.

Viral Sound
The soulful jam outfit from New England is touring all summer and are gaining momentum through meticulous play.  Charley Zahringer brings the goods on the guitar and Jordan Giangreco provides exemplary fills on the keys.

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