We’re a No Go: snoe.down? no.down!

Say what you will about moe. — and most people take every opportunity to do so — but the self-described “indie-jam rockers” know how to throw a fine festival for their fans. The September moe.down in Turin NY and the March snoe.down in Lake Placid are consistently regarded as two of the best weekends of music in the Northeast each and every year.


Photo by LMB‘s Whitperson

But this year’s festival ain’t happening. The band posted this unfortunate message on its website some time this weekend:

Due to extensive and on-going construction up in Lake Placid, we regret to announce that there will not be a snoe.down festival held in 2008. Never fear, we are already cooking up ideas for a rockin’ snoe.down in 2009 and will keep you informed!

I’m not sure it’s possible to look forward to a moe. show that’s 18 months away, but at least most fans can rest assured the event will be back in 2009. By then the jamband scene will be totally dead but, moe. will survive because they’re indie-jam rockers. See, hybrids really are the future.

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4 Responses

  1. are you trying to be ‘coy’ with your tongue-in-cheek sarcasm aimed at moe.’s pseudo-inclusionary label of “indie jam rock’?

    to most, this is not a big deal. However, being a great mid-winter festy oasis that snoe.down has become, I could see many a moe.ron being disappointed with this news.



  2. I was being totally serious about it sucking that the festival is canceled. I was thinking about going this year. moe. knows how to throw a good party…

    But yes, I am making fun of the “indie-jam rockers” thing. That’s just silly. Rock bands shouldn’t have to market themselves like that. This website started as a jamband and classic rock blog, yet we’ve started covering much more of the music scene. The day I feel the need to call this an “indie-jam blog” is the day I pull the plug on the whole endeavor.

  3. in a way, you’re right Ace. Thinking about it here at work, (probabaly more than I should) I would agree “indie-jam’ is a silly term.

    jam – fine
    indie – fine
    rock – fine

    throw ’em all together and that’s just as silly as saying “EMO-Hipster-Goth Band”…

    Go moe. but Ace is right. Pick a label and live with it.

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