A Birthday Milestone For Ol’ GreyBeard

Hey, that circled date on the Gregorian calendar suggests it’s Robert Hall Weir‘s 60th birthday. Here’s to our favorite short shorts-wearin’, cowboy croonin’, dyslexic rock star out there. May you power slide forever, Bobby…

So in honor of Mr. Weir’s milestone, let’s take a group trip back to the famed rhythm guitarist’s 34th birthday. This quality two-set recording on SugarMegs features an acoustic first set and an electric second, complete with the audience serenading the original Ace Cowboy with a round of Happy Birthday. Enjoy.

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3 thoughts on “A Birthday Milestone For Ol’ GreyBeard

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  2. rico vanian Reply

    Happy Birthday Bobby… Here’s to you, the cheese and the bald spot!

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