The Hidden Track Goes Artsy Bohemian

ing and
everybody must noodle dance
to jam (and more-Warren-sit-ins) who

sits in on all the jams may, be
jam ing G, cee, and dee,
.they must have; clon(ed) him be
cause he is sitting in;; at four diff
errent shows.


(same.; time) Take.
a br.eak.
-E.E. Cummings

The Shakedown Not Taken
Two custies diverged on yellow mud shakedown,
And sorry I could not meet them both
But being one observer, long I stood round,
And looked at the preppie one as long as I could
To where his collar popped up toward his hood;

Then breathed in the other, patchouli in the air,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because he had well worn dread in his hair;
Though as for the poorly weighed one-eighth ounces
Had shaken them down really about the same
-Robert Frost

In a Field of the Bonnaroo
Ghostly apparitions of stoned faces in the crowd
Kind buds on a wet, muddy field
-Ezra Pound

A Coffee Shop in Vermont
What thoughts I have of you tonight, Trey Anastasio, for I walked down
Main Street with a hangover self-conscious looking at Rotating Nectar’s sign
In my magic eighth hour, and shopping for kicks, I went into the Muddy Waters
coffee shop dreaming of your Type II Jams!
What Peaches and what Loving Cups!! Hippie families brewing at night! I saw mothers in the Axillas and babies born on Tube Jam Reprise!
Aisles full of Gordos! Wait, I think that’s actually Mike Gordon… Holy Holy! Its really him, alone, drinking coffee brew, camera in hand. I gotta go shake his hand. Gotta meet gone dodledangy Gordo, man. Gottta shake his hand. I’ll finish this later..
-Allen Ginsberg

My only real hope today is that someone besides that Abe Cowboy fucker reads and comments on this stupid post…our poetry forefathers deserve it.

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25 Responses

  1. I’m here for you, neeko. I’m here for you. In the meantime, let’s all celebrate the treasury of haiku:

    your love is like bread
    rub butter on my biscuits
    gravy on the way

  2. the bobby weir one was Awesome! Love it!
    “Is it all that you wear, poor lost-soul Weir, but short shorts and short shorts?”


    also, I think Ezra Pound is rolling over in his grave today following the “In the field at bonaroo”.

    Hey Abe and robby,

    Please keep Dr. Neeto around for some more iambic fun!

  3. great job.
    who’d you steal these from?
    I swear… if you make any money off of this…. I’ll trap you in litigation so long…… you could sublet the courthouse.

  4. Your Poems are deep
    like that of a thorat
    in a porno
    I was moved
    slightly to the left
    with a crowbar
    from my chair

  5. Huddled in the corner
    Furtively I read
    Suddenly a warm sensation
    Laughingly I peed

    Thank you for such insight to your wit and charm.

  6. sorry Fish, after my final trip back to the future, i spilled a Tab on my time machine… actually, it might have been a Pepsi-Free. Either way, it was something with no sugar in it

  7. i saw neeko sit and try to write,
    he stared at the keyboard half the nite
    he shook and trembled, then he cried
    ‘why am i doing this thing for glide’
    motherly advice i tossed his way,
    ‘stay with it young neeko, you have much to say’
    he wrote and he wrote and finally was done
    and my heart filled with pride for my talented son.
    congratulations to neeko! today is your day.
    you’re off to great places! you’re off and away

    love, momma neeko

    p.s. I could have done without the reference to the sorority-house threesome.

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