Monday’s Hors d’Oeuvres & Weekend Setlists

Disco Biscuits
11/02/07 (Fri) Newport Music Hall, Columbus, OH [via Phantasy Tour]

Set I: Strobelights and Martinis> And The Ladies Were The Rest Of The Night* > Crickets** > Lunar Pursuit> Sound One

Set II: Caterpillar, Crickets**> Little Betty Boop> Digital Buddha, 42> Moshi Fameus> 42
Encore: Grass Is Green, Onamae Wa

* inverted
** dyslexic

Disco Biscuits
11/03/07 (Sat) House of Blues, Cleveland, OH [via Phantasy Tour]

Set I: 7-11> Jigsaw Earth, Spacebirdmatingcall > Abraxas > Spacebirdmatingcall

Set II: Reactor> Little Lai> Helicopters> Magellan> Reactor, Spraypaint, Shelby Rose
Encore: Chemical Warfare Brigade> Magellan

Disco Biscuits
11/04/07 (Sun) The Town Ballroom – Buffalo, NY [via Phantasy Tour]

Set I: Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band1, Home Again > The Safety Dance > Svenghali > Aceetobee > The Great Abyss> Aceetobee

1 1st time played (The Beatles)

Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit (download torrent here)
11/02/07 (Fri) The Mohawk – Austin, TX

Set: Chicago Promenade, Never Gonna Change, Grown, Goddamn Lonely Love, Dress Blues, Down In a Hole, Try, Into The Mystic*, Outfit, Brand New Kind of Actress

*Van Morrison cover

Los Lobos
11/02/07 (Fri) Seagate Convention Center – Toledo, OH [via]

Set 1: Will The Wolf Survive?, Don’t Worry Baby, Short Side Of Nothing, Shakin’ Shakin’ Shakes, One Time One Night, Chuco’s Cumbia The Fat Man, Maria Christina, Mas Y Mas, I Got Loaded > Lovelight, La Bamba> Good Lovin’> La Bamba

The Meat Puppets (download torrent here)
11/02/07 (Fri) The Hi-Tone – Memphis, TN

Set: Sam, Touchdown King, Snow, Up On The Sun, Plateau, Look at the Rain, Lost > Working on a Building > The Whistling Song, Flaming Heart, My Baby’s Gone, Station, Coming Down, Oh, Me, Fly Like the Wind, Lake of Fire

Outformation (download torrent here)
11/02/07 (Fri) North Charleston Coliseum – North Charleston, SC

Set: Edgewater, 90, Into My Arms, Carnac, Traveler’s Rest, Untitled Lee Song, Can’t Change the Past*, Titles of Movies Will Not Appear on Bill *

*with Jimmy Herring on guitar

Phil Lesh & Friends (download torrent here)
11/02/07 (Fri) Nokia Theatre – New York City, NY [via]

Set 1: Jam > Birdsong > Riot In Cell Block #9, Dire Wolf, Midnight Rider, Passenger

Set 2: Friend Of The Devil, Cry Yourself Dry, Big Mon, Dead Flowers, Mama Tried

Set 3: Wharf Rat > Franklin’s Tower > Stella Blue > Fire On The Mountain > Dark Star > Eclipse > Terrapin Station > Sugar Magnolia > Sunshine Daydream, E: Feedback Jam > Darkstar > Box Of Rain

Note: 2nd set acoustic. 3rd Set with Ryan Adams.

Phil Lesh & Friends
11/03/07 (Sat) Nokia Theatre – New York City, NY [via]

Set 1: Good Lovin’> Downhearted > Pride of Cucamonga, This Wheel’s on Fire > Mississippi Half Step > So Hard to Find My Way, Big Boss Man

Set 2: Playin’ In The Band > Spots Of Time > The Wheel > Loan Me A Dime, Jack Straw, Unbroken Chain, St. Stephen > The Eleven > Lovelight, E: Casey Jones

Railroad Earth
11/02/07 (Fri) The Fillmore at the Theatre Of Living Arts – Philadelphia, PA [via]

Set 1: Peace on Earth, Where Songs Begin, Stillwater Getaway, Sing For Me, Crossing the Gap, Drag Him Down, Came Up Smilin’, Donkey for Sale

Set 2: New instrumental from John Skehan (as yet untitled), Saddle of the Sun, The Cuckoo Bird, I am a Mess – > El Cumbanchero, Old Man and the Land, Duncan and Brady *, Walk Beside Me, New Lee Highway Blues, Fiddlee, E: My Sisters and Brothers, Long Way To Go

* Also known as “Happy Goes to the Bathroom”

Railroad Earth
11/03/07 (Sat) The Fillmore at Irving Plaza – New York City, NY [via]

Set 1: Bird in a House, Magic Foot, Elko, Loving You, 420, Warhead Boogie, Said What You Mean, Dandelion Wine *

Set 2: RV, Head, Good Life, Fruitful Acre, Powderfinger **, Railroad Earth, Any Road, Seven Story Mountain, E: Walls of Time ***, Ragtime Annie Lee

* with Neal Casal on acoustic guitar and vocals
** First time played (Neil Young cover) with Neal Casal on electric guitar and vocals and Tim Carbone on accordion
*** with Neal Casal on electric guitar

RatDog (download torrent here)
11/02/07 (Fri) Memorial Auditorium – Burlington, VT [via]

Set 1: Jam > Jack Straw, Cassidy > Bird Song, Odessa, Lost Sailor > Saint of Circumstance, Shade of Grey, Hell in a Bucket

Set 2: Blackbird, Friend of the Devil, Victim or the Crime, Liberty > Two Djinn > solos* > Come Together > Bird Song (reprise)* > Cassidy (reprise)* > Sugar Magnolia, E: U.S. Blues

* with Mike Gordon on bass

RatDog (download torrent here)
11/03/07 (Sat) Palace Theater – Albany, NY [via]

Set 1: Jam > Lady With a Fan > Terrapin Station > All along the watchtower > Lazy River Road, Big Boss Man, Even So > October Queen > The Deep End > Eyes of the World

Set 2: Peggy-O, Corrina, Jam > Estimated Prophet > Jam > The Other One > He’s Gone, solos > Days Between > At a Siding > Terrapin Flyer > Terrapin Station (reprise), E: One More Saturday Night

Rose Hill Drive (download torrent here)
11/02/07 (Fri) Martyr’s — Chicago, IL

Set: Look On Yonder Wall, Showdown, Sneak Out, Raise Your Hands, Four Day Creep, The Godfather, Cross The Line, The Guru, On To You, Burnt Out On Love, In The Beginning, Cool Cody, Reptilian Blues

Encore: Washboard Jam ( W/ Cody Dickinson NMAS on Washboard), Helter Skelter

They Might Be Giants
11/02/07 (Fri) Variety Playhouse – Atlanta, GA [via]

Set 1: The Mesopotamians, Damn Good Times, Istanbul, Cyclops Rock, Withered Hope, Memo to Human Resources, I Palindrome I, Boss of Me (30-second version), XTC Vs. Adam Ant, Take Out the Trash, Climbing the Walls, In the Middle, I’m Impressed, Birdhouse In Your Soul, The Shadow Government, Put Your Hand Inside the Puppet Head, It’s Not My Birthday, Contrecoup, Meet James Ensor, Particle Man, Alphabet of Nations, Experimental Film, With the Dark, Graveyard, Doctor Worm, Maybe I Know, Spy > Atlanta, Twisting

Note: Setlist may not be complete. “STILL” was written as the first song; it is currently unknown what this was.

Van Halen
11/3/07 (Sat) IZOD Center – E. Rutherford, NJ

Set: You Really Got Me, I’m the One, Runnin’ With the Devil, Romeo Delight, Somebody Get Me a Doctor, Beautiful Girls, Dance the Night Away, Atomic Punk, Everybody Wants Some, So This Is Love?, Mean Street, Pretty Woman, Drum Solo, Unchained, I’ll Wait, And the Cradle Will Rock, Hot for Teacher, Little Dreamer, Little Guitars, Jamie’s Cryin’, Ice Cream Man, Panama, Guitar Solo (incl. “Women in Love” intro, “Cathedral”, “Eruption”), Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love

Encore: 1984, Jump

Widespread Panic
11/02/07 North Charleston Performing Arts Center, Charleston, SC [via Phantasy Tour]

Set I: From The Cradle> Pleas> Can’t Get High, Airplane> Party At Your Mama’s House> Stop Breakin’ Down Blues, Mercy, B of D> Worry

Set II: Pigeons, Flicker, Surprise Valley> Tie Your Shoes> Ride Me High> Drums> Surprise Valley> Protein Drink> Sewing Machine, Heaven

Encore: Up All Night> Climb To Safety

Widespread Panic (download torrent here)
11/03/07 (Sat) North Charleston Coliseum – Charleston, SC [via]

Set 1: Walkin’ (For Your Love) > Tall Boy > Little Lilly > Radio Child, Old Neighborhood > Goodpeople, Wondering > Jam* > Second Skin*, Flat Foot Flewzy*

Set 2: Disco > Holden Oversoul, Conrad, Rebirtha > Impossible > Proving Ground > Werewolves of London > Proving Ground > Red Hot Mama

E: And It Stoned Me > Papa’s Home

* with Randall Bramblett on saxophone

Zappa Plays Zappa
11/02/07 (Fri) Broadway Theatre @ U.P.A.C. – Kingston, NY [via]

Set 1: Montana, Carolina Hardcore Ecstasy, Doreen, How Could I Be Such A Fool, Aint Got No Heart, I’m Not Satisfied, Lonely Little Girl, City Of Tiny Lights, Advance Romance, Eat That Question, My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama, Echidnas Arf, Pygmy Twylyte, Duprees Paradise > Heavy Duty Judy, Uncle Remus, Willie The Pimp, Joe’s Garage, Wind Up Working In A Gas Station, SanBer’dino, Illinois Enema Bandit EncorE: Dog Meat G-Spot Tornado I am the Slime Muffin Man

Zappa Plays Zappa
11/03/07 (Sat) House Of Blues – Atlantic City, NJ [via]

Set 1: Black Napkins, Cheepnis, How Could I Be Such a Fool?, I Ain’t Got No Heart, I’m Not Satisfied, Doreen, Carolina Hardcore Ecstasy, Dumb All Over, What’s New In Baltimore?, Pygmy Twylyte, Dupree’s Paradise > Heavy Duty Judy Uncle Remus, Willie The Pimp, Cosmik Debris, Zoot Allures > Ship Ahoy, Wind Up Workin’ In A Gas Station, San Ber’dino, Dog Meat, G-Spot Tornado, Yo’ Mama, E: The Illinois Enema Bandit, Muffin Man

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  1. Ya know, I should definitely be tired of Feist’s 1234 by now…the iPod commercials, the late-night appearances elsewhere, but I still think it’s a cool fucking song and I love hearing it. Just sayin’.

  2. i thought that ‘1234’ (not knowing the band’s name from the ipod ads) was the Sesame Street Remixed “Pinball-1234…” with major funk influences.

    Obviously, “Music is ‘not’ my boyfriend or girlfriend’.”

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