The Writers…They’ve Taken to the Streets*

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So the Writers Guild of America walked off the job for the first time in nearly two decades, leaving a gaping hole in this nation’s nightly programming. Gone for now are The Daily Show, The Colbert Report and the other late-night romps, leaving a gaping hole in HT’s Televised Tune department as well. Fuckers.

The ‘just desserts’ from this strike come courtesy of Saturday Night Live, which will head into reruns immediately. And which disgusting mess of a seductress was to make her SNL debut this weekend? Amy Winehouse! That’s right, someone else canceled on her. I guess the foot’s on the other hand now, isn’t it Kramer?

Switching gears here as seamlessly as possible without an obvious segue, we could use some quality writers around here right now. Because I’ve got nothing — absolutely nothing — that expresses what I have cookin’ inside after watching the new video for Lou Reed and The Killers’ song, Tranquilize. Take a look:

Seriously, whatcha got? Best I can do right now is: “What’s the deal with Tranquilize? I mean can anyone possibly drink this much Mountain Dew?” Nah.

*Bonus hetty points for the person what knows what I’m paraphrasing here

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5 thoughts on “The Writers…They’ve Taken to the Streets*

  1. Giovanni Goffatelli Reply

    “What’s the deal with Big Gulps?” (FF>>) Can anyone possibly take this much Killers?”

    I cannot personally.

    oh, and I wish Brandon Flowers would cut off that damn mustache. No offense, but I was watching that new artsy Lou REed video above and I couldn’t stop laughing at that stupid mustache.

    it would be like if the “Saw” movies’ ‘clown-thing’s’ creepy vocals were done by Chris Burke (ala “Life Goes ON”)…
    it doesn’t matter how creepy it’s supposed to be, I’d laugh my ass off everytime.

  2. Ace Cowboy Reply

    Fuck you, Winehouse…ruining my joke like that. Kinda weird considering SNL plugged her on the show this weekend.

    Agreed on Brandon Flowers…the ironic moustache thing is so 2005.

  3. Some Dude Reply

    Yeah I noticed that too. Regardless there probably won’t be a show anyway so it won’t make a difference.

  4. zappafrank Reply

    Man, that song was like an unhetty mashup of a TV-Jingle/ChristiaRock goth song.

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