Wednesday Intermezzo: Cobain Sees A Bear

We got a well needed chuckle this afternoon at these witty LOL-Cats pictures of Kurt Cobain singing on MTV Unplugged — we always thought there was something hilarious about Cobain’s always-intense gazes. And if you haven’t pre-purchased a copy of the new Unplugged DVD, be sure to enter our giveaway, so you can come up with your own funny (and perhaps darker) captions.

  • Thom Yorke said no when Paul McCartney asked him to record a duet
  • Have you ever seen 250,000 faces melted simultaneously?
  • Levon Helm sits in on indie band Ida’s new album
  • Speaking of strike-busters Duran Duran moved their concerts from the Ethel Barrymore Theatre to the Roseland in order to avoid striking stagehands
  • Gibson unveils pictures of the self-tuning Les Paul
  • Van Halen announces more early 2008 tour dates
  • R.I.P: 28-year-old Nicholas Phillips on Friday night died of a drug overdose at a usual HT haunt, the Knitting Factory
  • Brian Heisler on Umphrey’s McGee’s Night at the Terratorium Halloween concert
  • Nutsie provides an official music playlist of all the songs used in Rock Band
  • A.V. Club lists 21 good albums that would have made great EPs

Finally, Jesse Jarnow caught our attention last week when he told us about the incredible shot-by-shot re-creation of Raiders of the Lost Ark that recently hit small arthouses across the country. Double J found a torrent of it, and he shares his thoughts (and the torrent file) with us. It also plays in New York tomorrow night.

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3 thoughts on “Wednesday Intermezzo: Cobain Sees A Bear

  1. Darren Reply

    Unfortunately, it’s the Fab Four, not the Fab Faux that will be performing at the Ellen thing.


  2. Scott Bernstein Reply

    Oh man, that’s bad work on my part. Sorry Darren.

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