Pullin’ ‘Tubes: Big Time, Bill, Big Time. Big Time.

Bob Dylan & The Band — Forever Young/Baby Let Me Follow You Down


Ronnie Hawkins & The Band — Who Do You Love?


Neil Young & The Band (w/ Joni Mitchell) — Helpless


Van Morrison & The Band — Caravan (best performance ever)


The Band — It Makes No Difference


Dr. John & The Band — Such A Night (Y’all know the doctor?)


Eric Clapton & The Band — Further On Up The Road (broken guitar straps rule)


Paul Butterfield & The Band — Mystery Train


The Band — Up On Cripple Creek (w/ “Good evening” from Bill Graham)


The Band — Stage Fright


The Band — Some Fuckin’ Around/The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down


Muddy Waters & The Band — Mannish Boy


The Band — Ophelia/Garth Hudson’s “Evil People” Story


Joni Mitchell & The Band — Coyote (perfectly written song)


The Band — The Shape I’m In


The Band — The Weight (semi-studio performance)


Neil Diamond & The Band — Dry Your Eyes (adult dose!)


Full ensemble assembled on stage — I Shall Be Released


Now, seriously, if you don’t own this, go do some Black Friday shopping for yourself…

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  1. you should read Levon Helm’s book “This Wheel’s on Fire” (if you haven’t already) – really interesting take on the the band, the last waltz, and well, his daily hate for robbie robertron (at some point he even gloats “i am so much awesomer than robbie because my movie was critically acclaimed whereas his movies sucked!)

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