Stewart Copeland’s Not Goin’ Hoggin’

The Police in Argentina, land of hottie presidents:

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6 thoughts on “Stewart Copeland’s Not Goin’ Hoggin’

  1. Michelle Bachelet Reply

    What makes that hipster doofus think I’d ever hook up with HIM? You think I go for goofy-lookin’ bastards? Please, I’m the president of a country — he looks like Ted Danson’s retarded brother.

  2. Chilly Jackwater Reply

    In other news, Neal Peart still consistently drills Swedish undersecretaries like they’re goin’ out of style.

  3. Mr. Bachelet Reply

    Wish I could argue with the guy. But he’s pretty much on the money.

  4. Mr. Bachelet Reply

    Seriously… this marriage is killing my liver. HMLU!

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