Not Quite Zep: Plant and Krauss at Bonnaroo

Led Zeppelin may not be headlining next year’s Bonnaroo, but last week’s hot rumor wasn’t too far off the mark. As it turns out Robert Plant will be performing in Manchester, but not with Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones or even Jason Bonham. Nashville’s NBC affiliate broke the news that Plant will take the stage with Alison Krauss at Bonnaroo in 2008. Take that, Gillian Welch and JPJ.

Plant and Krauss made the successful Raising Sand album together earlier this year and plan to tour behind the album next year. The staff at Superfly must have been pretty amused with all the attention they received over the possibility of Zeppelin playing their festival, but now they need to produce a lineup capable of turning heads. We’ve doubted these guys before, yet they continue to top themselves each year. But if we find out that James Hetfield is playing the festival with Emmylou Harris instead of Metallica, we’re gonna be pretty pissed.

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  1. am i the only one who is more excited to see allison krause than robert plant? plant w/out zep leaves me dazed and confused….in a bad way.

    I, too, have been a critic of superfly prod’s. This year, imo, will be the toughest yet. If they were able to scoop up radiohead again, they would def. have a blockbuster.

  2. Don’t jump to conclusions, shrooms…they can very easily play on the 12th in Spain, head to Manchester for the 13th and then back to France for their gig on the 14th.

    Okay, okay, you’re probably right.

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