The Week That Was: MMW Rambles

Some good news this weekend from the MMW and Levon Helm camps “In support of MMW’s highly anticipated children’s album ‘Let’s Go Everywhere’, John Billy & Chris will perform a special Kid’s Ramble at Levon Helm Studios on January 12th. Later in the evening, MMW will perform a second show as part of The Midnight Ramble Sessions for The Levon Helm Band.” Worlds colliding. Yahtzee.


In other news, I spent the hours between 8:30 am and 4 pm today at a bar near my apartment, throwing back Bloody Marys, Bud Lights and Bagels while watching both Liverpool and the Jets go down like a fat chick at a keg party. Such is life, a losing Sunday, but a winner of a day. Anyway, enough of this thought; here’s a small sample of the week that was here at Hidden Track…

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