Briefly: Coachellown’d: Vineland Pushed Back

We’ve been closely following the New Jersey Festival Turf War between the promoters of Coachella (All Points West) and ACL/Lollapalooza (Vineland). Well, it appears Vineland folks have blinked. Our favorite scenesterscribe Mike Greenhaus reports that “co-producers Festival Republic and C3 Presents have decided to step back and launch Vineland in 2009.” We guess they ain’t goin’ to tha mattresses.

(Oh, and by the way, this makes me think APW really does have Radiohead…) 

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One thought on “Briefly: Coachellown’d: Vineland Pushed Back

  1. goff. Reply

    not tooting my own horn here…well actually yes I am.

    i’ve said it 50 times and I’ll say it again.

    Coachella-East / All Points West Will announce RAdiohead as headliner.

    while I joked that meant we could name our own price for tix, i really think it’s site, timing and lineup will dictate RECORD ticket prices for a festy….imho

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