Pullin’ ‘Tubes: Lemme, Lemme Upgrade Ya

News broke this weekend that Beyoncé will play Etta James in the upcoming film, Cadillac Records, an exploration of Chicago in the 1950s. The obvious jokes about their respective weights and looks aside, I couldn’t really care less about the casting decision. I just hope it pays her well so she doesn’t have to hock cell phones using the worst commercial song of my lifetime.

But I thought this story would provide a lovely excuse for us to post a version of Etta’s 1967 hit, Tell Mama. There’s no moving picture on this video, but the audio is so awesome that it should suffice. Gotta fuckin’ love this tune.


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  1. I usually *ahem* BACK Miss Knowles-Carter (C’mon…”Crazy In Love”? UH oh, UH oh, UH oh, uhoh?? That’s a killer track!), but that is the worst song ever recorded onto a hard drive. Mohmar Qaddafi’s kiddie porn collection featuring my two nephews is a better use of computer memory than that crap.

  2. I thought that ‘upgrade you’ commercial was supposed to be funny, because it just COULDN’T be serious. I didn’t even know it was a song before the mersh. The most hilarious part for me is at the end when they flash the plan details over a silhouetted Beyonce with the two dancers…the dance that ensues on the way out cracks me up every time. Now that I know it’s serious, I will laugh 12 times as hard.

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