Better Than Noodling: Vampire Weekend

These recent Columbia University grads have the unfortunate distinction of being labeled “prep-rock” because of their Ivy League pedigree, and well because of the way they dress, which is a far cry from the indie-rock uniform of thrift store chic. Okay, fine, they also sing about things like Oxford commas and girl-watching on the quad, but you write what you know, right? With that aside I can’t remember hearing a young band with such a mature sound. How many co-eds are really rocking out to world music these days? Here’s their video for “A-Punk” and you’ll see what I’m talking about…

The song that really drew me in and had me playing it on constant repeat is the absolutely infectious Paul Simon Graceland-era inspired ditty “Cape Cod Kwasa Kwasa.” Check out this unplugged version from MTV’s Spanking New Sessions:

Seriously, you can’t tell me you don’t want to play that over and over and over and over again.

Be prepared to see the name Vampire Weekend pop up a lot come this festival season. They’ve already signed up for Langerado and Coachella, and I’d bet a hefty sum on a Bonnaroo appearance, too. Get ready for faux-goth prep.

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10 thoughts on “Better Than Noodling: Vampire Weekend

  1. xeyedandpainless Reply

    They are catchy as all hell…

  2. Chilly Jackwater Reply

    That dude’s addiction to scarves will be their downfall. You heard it here first, bitches.

  3. Mr. Green Reply

    I really like them, fun album.

  4. simp Reply

    forget the hype and check them out – i’ve really been digging their sound. saw them once last summer and i’m going again tomorrow night at bowery. check out this track: The Kids Don’t Stand A Chance

  5. Newms Reply

    Their sound is hard to hate. I just posted today about VW, Black Mountain, and MGMT. Three really good new bands with albums that dropped this month.

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