Better Than Noodling: Vampire Weekend

These recent Columbia University grads have the unfortunate distinction of being labeled “prep-rock” because of their Ivy League pedigree, and well because of the way they dress, which is a far cry from the indie-rock uniform of thrift store chic. Okay, fine, they also sing about things like Oxford commas and girl-watching on the quad, but you write what you know, right? With that aside I can’t remember hearing a young band with such a mature sound. How many co-eds are really rocking out to world music these days? Here’s their video for “A-Punk” and you’ll see what I’m talking about…


The song that really drew me in and had me playing it on constant repeat is the absolutely infectious Paul Simon Graceland-era inspired ditty “Cape Cod Kwasa Kwasa.” Check out this unplugged version from MTV’s Spanking New Sessions:


Seriously, you can’t tell me you don’t want to play that over and over and over and over again.

Be prepared to see the name Vampire Weekend pop up a lot come this festival season. They’ve already signed up for Langerado and Coachella, and I’d bet a hefty sum on a Bonnaroo appearance, too. Get ready for faux-goth prep.

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  1. forget the hype and check them out – i’ve really been digging their sound. saw them once last summer and i’m going again tomorrow night at bowery. check out this track: The Kids Don’t Stand A Chance

  2. Their sound is hard to hate. I just posted today about VW, Black Mountain, and MGMT. Three really good new bands with albums that dropped this month.

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