Picture Show: RAQ @ Mexicali Blues


RAQ came back rearing for the second set, opening up with a Walking in Circles and then City Funk from their Ton These album. The group’s dedicated following was eager to be heard, loudly responding to the loops of hey-o that were thrown at them. It seemed that they were ready no matter what twists the band took, proving the fans an integral part of the show.


The transitions in the second set kept everyone guessing as RAQ seamlessly moved though Hitchhiker > Reason > Hitchhiker. They continued to add multiple layers with the sound effects, entrancing fans with spacey jams that were almost haunting at times. Throughout the night the band never gave the crowd a minute to catch their breath, leaving the entire room eager for Night Two.


The boys made sure to save something for Saturday night when they returned to play for the packed house. After opener Natural Breakdown’s set, RAQ was back out in full force, pounding away on the keys and playing hard throughout the night to the calls and cheers of the crowd. They showed off an electrifying variety of sounds by playing another night full of originals. By the time everyone said good night the smiles on the faces were telling, for RAQ is keyed up for a year of throwing down hard.


1/25/08 Setlist

Set I
Lembo, Brother From Another Mother, One Of These Days, Hannah Can ->
Don’t Let Go, CHUCK*, Weakling, Bag It Out, Otis Spode ->Wax

Set II
Walking In Circles, City Funk, Boom, One Eyed Jack, Michetti NYE Loop ->
Ventriloquist -> Quick & Painless -> Hitchhiker ->Reason ->Hitchhiker ->Quick & Painless

E: Said And Done


1/26/08 Setlist

Set I
Gabvonie, Tumblin Down, Moxey, Late Night > Shirley > Cafe > Forget me Not > Japan > Late Night, Silhouette, Comin Home, Beauregard

Set II
Confuzor, 15 Shakes, Donkey Show, Sucked up the Chutz > Nasty > Rattlesnake > Nasty
Premium, Back to the Head > Bootch Magoo

E: Bob’s Your Uncle


So, anyone hit this show? Got any thoughts you’d like to share with the class?


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15 Responses

  1. Wow!!!!! Great review and amazing photos of one of the best bands on the live scene. RAQ shows ooze with energy and the guys in the band are some of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet.

  2. Great pics and review …RAQ is definately one of the better jambands on the scene today. You definately get your $$$ worth. They are coming to my neck of the woods this Friday 2/1/08 but of course moe. is playing as well and I have to make the toughest decision ever to skip RAQ. Next time though…Im gettin my RAQ ON

  3. skipping moe. to see RAQ? You lose. I will be throwing down hard at world cafe live in philly on friday and anyone within a 3 hr drive should be too. The show is that good, just pure insanity.

  4. while the photos are most excellent, I need to disagree about the review. It is missing much substance and leaves the reader hanging and waiting. at best it is shallow and pedantic. yes shallow and pedantic.

  5. Great review and pics!!!! articles and pics like this will help show the world that RAQ is the best band touring right now… Their energy goes thru the roof every nite!

  6. Hey lib4. You lose twice. You miss RAQ and you see MOE.
    Hey no sweat, I heard Raq is playing a late late night post-moe. show….so I get the “best” of both worlds baby!!!…..

    I swear Philly is cursed. We dont get music for weeks even months on end and then when we do its always on the same date. This is no lie, the 20th time this scheuling overlap issue has happened to me in the last 5 years.

  7. The show in pHILly

    IS 100% an after party. The BRidge is opening the show and playing until the moe show pretty much ends, then RAQ is raging into the night. In fact there is even a band before Bridge.

    This is going to be the best show in a long time, these guys are straing KILLING it up there.

  8. The shows were great. Great photos and ok review given your first time seeing them….. They are sounding great but it’s almost as if they have plateaued over the last 2 years. Their sound is only seeming “louder” from one show to another as if they’re getting angrier. Hope for some fresh things from these guys in 2008.

  9. I see raq tonight in ithaca.

    i wake up tomorrow and drive to philly for moe.

    best of both worlds!

    also, what do you know about this raq, late-late night moe. throwdown?

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