Story of the Ghosts: Whose Bastard Is It?

Guyland LeDet
You’re gonna fall in love with Guyland LeDet (not like that, ya pedo). This kid is embodies everything that is cool about gumbo country as he tears up some Zydeco accordion. You can see a transformation when he picks up the accordion. He goes in the zone. While I hate to take anything away from Guyland since he is pretty much the coolest kid I have ever seen, but the real highlight of this clip is the bandtastic mullet his friend represents. Also, you gotta check out Part 2 of this segment, which features some of Guyland’s AC/DC inspired stage moves.


Who’s Bastard Is It?
You heard the kid commenting on Guyland’s guns — it’s gotta be Denson’s.

Quinn Sullivan
Quinn Sullivan is a big-cajones bluesman and he’s 8 years old. Pictured here, Quinn takes about a nine-minute solo in the middle of a Buddy Guy show. Buddy is clearly floored by this kid, and for good reason. It’s one thing to see some of these prodigies that can plow through Chopin, because their parent’s feed them HGH and deport them to musical conservatories at age 3, but this little man has soul. Just wait until you see him and Buddy swapping licks around the 5:30 mark.


Who’s Bastard Is It?
Judging by the lame stage attire and crisp blues chops, we’re guessing this Quinn came from Jimmy Vaughan’s seed.

Igor Falecki
This kid is five years old and is the centerpiece of a really good jazz trio. His drumming is tight, creative and mature. This is no gimmick act either; his band is entirely enjoyable. I would willingly listen to these guys play for two hours regardless of the age of their drummer. If you want to see a little more of Igor’s chops, check out this clip of his getting dirty on this electronic kit.


Who’s Bastard Is It?
Hmmmm, good drummer from Poland born around 2002, that’s a tough one. The only drummer I can think of capable of spawning a prodigal son who may have been laying pipe in Poland around ‘02 is Phil Collins.

Jay Greenberg
Jay “Bluejay” Greenberg is a composer who enrolled at Julliard at age 12. The hype surrounding Jay Greenberg is simply unfathomable.

“We are talking about a prodigy of the level of the greatest prodigies in history when it comes to composition,” says Sam Zyman, a composer. “I am talking about the likes of Mozart, and Mendelssohn, and Saint-Sans.”

Jay wrote five symphonies by the age of 12 and is being mentioned in the same context as Beethoven. We’re not quite ready to get that carried away yet, but clearly this kid has a rare talent that is making waves in the academic circles. Personally, we’re still kinda waiting for this whole classical music thing to click as we embrace the many joys of adulthood, but we’ll certainly keep an eye on Bluejay.

Who’s Bastard Is It?
The Neerrrroolooogist.

Finally, we present Vitus. Vitus is not real, but rather he’s a character in a really good movie (2007) that looks into the life of a young piano prodigy. Vitus is too intelligent for the world he inhabits, and the film focuses on the psychology of being a prodigy and the impact on his parents. The musical segments are entertaining, though definitely fewer than I would have liked.

Vitus is a German film, so you’ll have to follow the tale of this wunderkind via subtitles, but it flows swiftly nonetheless. Reviews for Vitus have been overwhelmingly bad, but sometimes you just gotta tell those guys to fuck off, because this is a pretty darn good moving picture.


Who’s Bastard Is It?
Vitus is just a character, but since he’s kind of bucktoothed and probably not going to laid despite his outer-worldly brain capacity, we’re guessing Steven Hawking.

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