HT Giveaway: Freaks Ball VIII Tickets

The 8th Freaks Ball — El Ocho Loco — is coming. There’s no sense waiting around for Zeppelin to get back together, so get involved with the real deal in Brooklyn next week to see what all this Russo/Metzger/Benevento fluffing is all about.


Apollo Sunshine at Freaks Ball VII

The details:
Freaks Ball VIII
Saturday, February 9, 2008
Brooklyn, USA

Bustle In Your Hedgerow
Mocean Worker
American Babies
plus a whole lotta freaked-out fun!

Doors at 8, music at 8:30 until you run out of gas. Tickets available now.

As an added bonus, Hidden Track is giving away 2 free tickets to the commenter who can best describe in 10 words or less what being Freaky means to you (Jevon Kearse and Najeh Davenport not eligible for this promotion). Contest ends Sunday at midnight. Check out some pics from last year.

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  1. Freaky was that girl at the Black Crowes Halloween show wearing the inflatable redneck in overalls costume (with pump inside costume) dancing around with a 3 foot prop fatty.

    She was wayyyy into the show and a true music freak!!

  2. Freaky is rocking out to Hairy Apes BMX at Le Bon Ton with the morning light streaming in the windows while surrounded by half dressed people.

  3. Freaky is more than 10 words worth of explaining.

    Freaky is going to so many Freaks Balls that the first one you attended featured Robert Randolph opening for the Squad. Freaky is watching JC smash that air guitar at Igor’s for 6 years running. Freaky is knowing 90% of the half dressed people at Le Bon Ton, and hoping MIke D stays hidden behind the vibes. Freaky is reading Mitty’s rants on Kimock, Neddy’s Duo fluffing, AJ’s body boarding mishaps and Disko’s weak jokes; its still making fun of D’owen for dressing like a pizza guy, treasuring the words of wErD, missing BG writing in ALL CAPS and saying F Twilley.

    Its Jazz Fest, Late Night, RANA in a tent in Whitehall, Phish in Vegas, Ween in New Hope, Marco & Joe at the Tap Bar & RR at Lakeside. Its Galactic in the Main Space, Bustle on the Boat, hating the Knit, loving the Bowery and missing the Wetlands. It’s Panic at Radio City, and Trey at Radio City & moe. at Radio City, and regrettably, sometimes SCI at Radio City. Its 7 Jenns, the return of Rosen, Butter at Finally Freds, and Nasty Habits at Southpaw. Freaky is quitting your real job to follow a slightly above average funk band around & sell merch for $30/day. Its finally getting into theaters as a Tour Manager 7 years later. Its drinking Euro-Flacos in the Lounge & seeing Jake on TV. It’s Bad, Its Nationwide, it offers 23% more cavity fighting power, and it comes with no money down and no interest for 12 months. Freaky is the best.

    See you kids at Marco tonight.

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