White Supremacists Everywhere Rejoice Upon Reading “Dead” and “Obama” in Same Headline

Barack Obama’s been on the campaign trail preaching Unity as much as Change. His stump speech rhetoric reeks of togetherness, of building a coalition of races to award this country a future of hope. It’s a tough sell to your everyday cynic, but his actions are already speaking louder than words.


The Daily Kos today reported the near-confirmed rumor that Obama will host a massive rally in the epicenter of American liberalism the day before Super Tuesday next week, and the house band will mark the long-overdue reunion (quasi-reconciliation?) of Grateful Dead guitarist Bob Weir and bassist Phil Lesh:

That’s right. Barack Obama is going to hold a huge rally in San Francisco with the surving members of the Grateful Dead (sans Billy Kreutzmann). It’s a get out the vote rally, and it’s set to occur Monday night. The tickets will sell-out immediately for sure.

Obama has already played with Macy Gray and Wilco. Now the Grateful Dead. He certainly does have the rock and roll business on his side. Does that mean he’s hip?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi played the part of Bill Graham a little more than a year ago to celebrate her ascension to the third-highest government gig in the land, and now it’s Obama’s turn to hire members of the Dead to play an event. But this one brings together Mickey Hart with Bobby and Phil, and that’s reason to rejoice. Let’s hope he drops the phrase “phatty healthcare” in the speech.

As our friend Laxplayer says, “If he can get Phish back together, he’s got my vote.”

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  1. Can we please get a B list of “most questionable headlines posted on Hidden Track” ?? This has got to be near the top. Glad to see you guys haven’t lost a step.

  2. He could replace the presidential seal with a stealie and make allusions to hunter penned lyrics in speeches.

    “I’ve spent a little time on the hill..”

    Free heady veggie burritos for all.


    A caller to a talk-show in Cincinnati put it this way. “I voted for Ronald Reagan.
    I was what you’d call a Reagan-Democrat. But, this time, I’m voting Obama.”
    The somewhat-shocked host queried, “Why would you do that?” “I want
    change,” the caller insisted. “But,” the host fired back, “What kind of change
    do you think you’ll get from Obama?” “I don’t know,” the caller retorted.
    “I just know I want change.” The sentiment seems to be calling for the
    sweeping out of both the Clinton and Bush dynasties. But, once the status-quo
    is destabilized, those making “change” can, themselves, be swept out.

    John McCain has received the “anointment” from the Bushes, not only by
    supporting their policies, but in going through a sort of “coronation” by the
    elder George H.W. Bush. Barack Obama points out how he has consistently
    opposed Hillary Clinton and her policies. As another caller to the same talk-show
    put it, “I could never vote for that “rhymes with rich.” A skeptical Rusty Lavergne
    asked, sarcastically, “Does that mean we have to see Obama go in, in order to
    halt ‘business-as-usual’?” Richard Wilson was even more candid. “How
    could we ever allow a Negro to be President?”

    Others are looking to what some call the “Post-Obama Era,” to “clean up the
    mess” and “take the country back.” Some predict a revolution. Others
    envision an outpouring of new political-vehicles and fresh-faces. Still others
    see “fisticuffs” on the horizon. All indicate that the nation is in for a rough
    time of oppression and persecution. As Pat Godwin put it, “The Second
    Amendment isn’t needed, until it is taken away.” But, those who have said,
    “I told you so” postulate that, once there is drastic change, the “backlash” will
    engender even more-drastic change, but a whole, new day.

    © 2008 The Nationalist Movement

  4. The LA Times is Hiding an Incriminating Video of Barack Obama at a Party with Radical Palestinian Activists and Bill Ayers That’s right – in a closely contested election, the Los Angeles Times is concealing a video showing Barack Obama at a going-away party for former PLO spokesman Rashid Khalidi, attended by radical Palestinian activists and former Weather Underground terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn. Contact the LA Times and demand that they release the video.

  5. so what who cares oh i’m sorry your a racist biggot bastard who only see’s that Obama is black or whatever. Seem’ to me you racist white are truly scared of change, this world isnt burger king and you can’t have everything your way…

  6. stop worrying about the fact that Obama is black & running this country NOW equally thank God, what you must be envious of him that your not president? I already know the answer, go get laid or something. You republican theif & yeah I said it with your faulty ass taxes. This country is just as bad as any 3rd world country because of small minded ass like yourself.

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