Friday Mix Tape: ‘Allo, Guv’nuhs

I depart for the United Kingdom two weeks from tonight, and I can barely contain my anticipatory excitement. I’m trying not to pee my pants, though that plan failed once last night and again on the subway this morning (sorry, elderly Asian woman to my right). So in honor of this free-flowing schoolboy expectancy surrounding my trans-Atlantic jaunt to our old mercantile mother, let’s start off this week’s Mix Tape wif some lovable Brits: Zambezi by Leeds’ New Mastersounds, and Sheffield’s Arctic Monkeys cover of Winehouse’s You Know I’m No Good.


The rest is as all over the board as Amadou & Miriam playing Scrabble. The awesome She & Him number that follows the Monkeys’ cover comes from actress Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward, who have an album coming out in March. Then we smash you with some duo rock and tape you up with some light funk before finishing up the proceedings with two songs from Mali, one from a blind couple, the other from the country’s best bluesman (not Momo Sissoko). Do it.

As of now this edition isn’t downloadable, but maybe I’ll get to that later…

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2 thoughts on “Friday Mix Tape: ‘Allo, Guv’nuhs

  1. Fabio Aurelio Reply

    That She & Him tune is incredible…can’t wait for that album now.

  2. DL Reply

    “The rest is as all over the board as Amadou & Miriam playing Scrabble.”


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