Can I Set My DVR To Record Something In 2010?

I’m a sucker for any of those multi-part, comprehensive music docs – I can’t tell you how many time I’ve watched The History Of Rock N’ Roll on VH1 Classic. So I was quite excited when I stumbled across the following story about one that is in the works….

PBS announced the development of a new television series, On Record: The Soundtrack of Our Lives, an eight-hour series chronicling the history of recorded music and its impact on popular culture. Hosted by George Martin, producer of the Beatles, and narrated by actor Kevin Spacey, the series will feature hundreds of artists from all music genres. Produced by Wildheart Entertainment, the series is slated to air nationally in primetime in the fall of 2010. Along with the TV series, PBS will offer educational outreach including a companion website at and has plans to include a corresponding CD box-set and branded CD series, 12-hour DVD/home video series, accompanying books, a multi-genre global radio show and broadcasting through online portals worldwide.

Not sure I can set my DVR that far in advance, but this sounds like appointment TV to me.

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