Housekeeping: A Brief Note of Minor Import

Serving as this here rag’s editor and director of day-to-day operations couldn’t possibly be a better hobby-gone-wild. For the past 17 months it’s truly been a pleasure to serve as a part of your regular team of Internet sherpas, but man is this shit time-consuming — you people are fucking relentless. So as my real job heaps more and more occupational shenanigans on my proverbial and literal desks, I must make like Johnny Savage the day before Red, White & Blaine and unexpectedly quit the show.


Hidden Track, however, will thrive without the dead weight. The prolific and hyper-informative Scotty B will take the reins as editor beginning tomorrow morning, and several clever writers have already joined the cause. It’ll be business as usual at HT HQ, and I know you’ll continue to enjoy the chicanery contained on these pages. Well, that’s if you enjoyed it in the first place, which, well, you never know. I’ll be posting here and there, but today I turn in my keys to the store. So stick around; there are good times ahead. Onward and upward, folks. You’ve all smelled terrific.

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22 Responses

  1. Ace,

    Thanks for the great work and all of the musical tidbits. I hope the site keeps on rockin under its new management.

  2. You the man Ace. Time-consuming huh? I would have gone with the ever popular, “Going to Med School”, but whatever… 🙂

  3. This is like that time I came home from school and walked in on Daddy and someone who wasn’t mommy having sex. Only worse. First Slack Lalane and now you’ve up and left HT. How disappointing. Good luck, keep The Sly Oyster posted on where we can read you.

  4. one man gathers what another man spills……….

    good luck to you ace, and good luck to ScottyB…..i see brightness in both of your futures

  5. Ace,

    Tell me its not true? I cannot possibly survive without your contributions to this here site. Is Slack LaLane back? I hope you do something even if its part time. Please don’t stop…. will miss your humor and musical opinions and incite…. Fluff loves ACE…… JF

  6. thanks for all the hard work, Ace. this is the best damn music blog out there. well done–you should be proud of your work. I’m also pysched that you and the HT gave my buddy Scotty B the chance to do his thing, because he’s awesome at it. Thanks again, man–best of luck! bring the pain, Scotty B!

  7. Choosing some ol’ dude name Lou over your faithful flock of readers? Man, get your priorities straight.

    In all seriousness, thanks for the laughs over the past year and a half. I know we will be in good hands with Scotty B. Lookin’ forward to HT 2.0

  8. What the eff? We go to Mexico for a few days and come home to see our lives turned updside down?! We love ya, little cowpoke. Give us a call in the OH when you get a chance.

  9. You could smell us? I’ll totally miss seeing your wit here and all your insight into Bruce Hornsby. I’ll keep putting teeth under my pillow though.

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