Pullin’ Tubes: Herbie Pulls Off The Upset

We’d like to welcome Some Dude of Hits From The Blog to the Hidden Track editorial team. For the last month Some Dude has been contributing the Better Than Noodling column, but now he’s gonna take a bigger role. We’ve been big fans of his site for years, so we’re honored he’s come on board. Let’s bring in the Dude:

I was all ready to do my best Nuke LaLoosh impression and “announce my presence with authority” for my inaugural post by unleashing some classic GnR.

Well a funny thing happened to throw a wrench into that plan around 11:30 or so last night when the Recording Academy shocked the world when it awarded the Grammy for Album Of The Year to Herbie Hancock for River: The Joni Letters. We all saw that coming, right? So I decided to call an audible and keep the love going with something by Herbie. Here’s his classic Rockit….

This video nabbed five VMA’s back in 1984 – including one for Best Concept Video.

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