Bloggy Goodness: Yet Another Link Dump

In our relentless pursuit of giving you the goods we figured we’d check in and see what some other people have going on…

  • IGN rattles off the Top 10 Albums That Every Music Snob Name Checks
  • Stereogum waxes poetic on the influence of Neutral Milk Hotel’s seminal 10-year-old album In The Aeroplane Over The Sea
  • The Late Greats asks why no one is blogging about Kate Maki
  • Sick of Vampire Weekend yet? Post Rock thinks they equal Lily Allen
  • Rock & Roll Daily outlines an extensive plan to save the Grammys
  • Out The Other kicks down a mix comprised of music coming out in ’08

Finally, we get to choose our on adventure when coming up with the answer to this weighty question – Which Is The Best Nickelback CD?

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