Wednesday Intermezzo: Grammys Recap

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10 thoughts on “Wednesday Intermezzo: Grammys Recap

  1. Rupert Reply

    I was feeling slightly less angry watching the Grammy’s this year until the lousy Foo Fighters won best Rock Album. Gimme a break. Has there ever been a more generic rock band? 1995 was thirteen years ago.

  2. DL Reply

    I got 66/100 on the axe quiz. I definitely missed a few. Anyone else try it?

  3. Scott Bernstein Reply

    I got 61, you own my face!

  4. Christopher Reply

    Clear the room……

    86/100 points

    Full Shred! You know your axes!

  5. bergj Reply

    You scored 100/100 points
    Full Shred! You know your axes!

  6. fina5 Reply

    i also got a 75

  7. Gamst Reply

    You really hated the Grammys that much? I thought there were some great moments — Herbie, the Chinaman and the orchestra playing Rhapsody in Blue; Amy Winehouse’s return to the stage; Tina and Beyonce; Kanye and Daft Punk’s tune; The motherfucking Time! And shit, they got The Band in there AND Herbie won best album of the year. If ever there were a GOOD Grammys, this was it.

  8. Scott Bernstein Reply

    Did you just list Tina and Beyonce as a highlight? To each their own…

  9. Some Dude Reply

    That Rhapsody in Blue was by far the best thing all night.

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