MP3 Boot Camp: Special Edition

Back in the late ’70s a new style of music called 2 Tone originated in England. 2 Tone music combines groovy reggae beats and catchy pop melodies with a whopping dose of punk snarl. No one played 2 Tone quite like The Specials. The Specials took what some of their contemporaries were doing to the next level. Nargo’s Deviant Subculture unearthed a classic Specials gig from NYC on New Year’s Day 1980. These guys made great records, but they also put on terrific live performances that bubbled over with energy.

Finally, A Deeper Shade of Soul always kicks down a tremendous recording on Friday afternoons. This week’s Bootleg Friday post contains an intense Lou Reed show from 1978.

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2 Responses

  1. thanks for the Depeche Mode boots.

    don’t know bout the rest of your granola asses, but sometimes, I like to get out my Yahama Synthesizer, put on some black eye-liner, deadbolt my door and Glam out to some Depeche Mode.

    all seriousness, one of my faves growing up and still today.

    One of the first real genre-crossovers before it was popular.

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