Better Than Noodling: Sam Roberts Band

While watching an episode of Subterranean some years back I was sucked in by a video for a huge, hook friendly rock song by a bunch of scraggly looking guys playing outside on a stark, frigid night with the lead singer rockin’ a Canadian tuxedo. Part of their appeal may have had something to do with the fact they sort of looked like the Kings Of Leon, who I had just begun my infatuation with, but it was really hard to not dig their jangly song. Check out the video for Where Have All The Good People Gone…

Sure they may not have the hippest sound, but how can you argue with something that would sound so good blasting in your car as you’re cruising around?

The live clips floating around the YouTubes are dubious at best, so let’s go with The Gate, off Chemical City – which debuted at number three on the Canadian charts in ’06. Obviously the words “Huge In Canada” doesn’t equate to notoriety in the States….

While they play large venues in their home country, Sam Roberts Band are still relative unknowns in our country. Be sure to see their big rock show in small clubs while you still can.

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5 thoughts on “Better Than Noodling: Sam Roberts Band

  1. jim Reply

    They played on Thursday at Bonnaroo last year. It was a good time. Of course I’ve already seen them about a million times, being Canadian (okay, maybe more like 10 times).

  2. Some Dude Reply

    I was kind of bummed that I missed them at Bonnaroo, we pulled in later then we though that night. I did get a chance to catch them this summer in Prospect Park and really dug them live.

  3. Isabella Reply

    Yo. Sam Roberts rocks. Nice article. It’s always great to see some recognition across the boarder. Just a note–the album is titled We Were Born in a Flame, not We Were Born in Flames. Check them out though; you don’t know what you’re missing.

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