Cover Wars: Boogie On Reggae Woman Edition

Marcus Miller: Bass player Marcus Miller has an impressive resume having recorded and worked with the likes of Miles Davis, Eric Clapton and Luther Vandross. Miller’s 2005 release Silver Rain features this Stevie classic, as well as covers of Edgar Winter Group’s Frankenstein and Duke Ellington’s Sophisticated Lady.


Pat Rhoden: This track is from the Trojan Soulful Reggae Box Set. It is a logical step to drop a reggae cover of a song with reggae in the title. I do not have a lot of background information on Pat Rhoden, I’ve got nothing actually, but you should really check out the compilation this track comes off of, a fun record.

Phish: Normally it was an up-tempo party cover in the cover repertoire where Mike Gordon could flaunt some funk bass skills mixed with some fun over-the-top effects. On a few occasions, the boys used the tune as a launching board for some musical exploration, see Chula Vista ’99 [embedded above] and also check out the Alpine ’04 version.

There’s no shortage of YouTube footage including full-length versions of Boogie On. Embedded is Roseland ’00, also check out Hampton ’03.


Ryan Montbleau Band:

This touring juggernaut quintet (they average over 200 shows per year) is no stranger to the good-time cover. The RMB also regularly trots out covers of: Led Zeppelin, The Talking Heads and John Lennon amongst others. Ryan’s talented soulful vocal abilities fit this tune especially well.

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  1. Does anyone know how I can download the Legion of Mary version? There’s a much better Addison Groove Merchant version with Trey and Friends on 04/03/04: check out internet archive for it. A sick harmonica player, Frederic Yonnet, does a sweet cover too.

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