Clapton and Winwood Deliver The Goods

The reviews are starting to come in from the Blind Faith reunion concert at Madison Square Garden, and it looks like Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood aren’t mailing it in. For those who dig spoilers check out USA Today’s notes from the gig. Clapton and Winwood return to the stage tonight to continue the fun.

Photo by Todd Plitt of USA Today

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  1. Man, this is a dream come true for some, and I honestly don’t even care if they sucked. Just to see these two rock Pearly Queen would be quite a treat. Would love to see some Empty Pages.

  2. I’ve been pulling tickets off TM all day today/yesterday. Seems the only things available are on the floor ($275) or 400 level ($75) – hopefully see you guys tomorrow night, dreaming of a Low Spark…

  3. First rate show on Monday. The closing Little Wing, Voodoo Child, Can’t Find My Way Home, Mr. Fantasy was amazing. The whole show was great though. Double Trouble, Tell The Truth, Pearly Queen, Stevie’s solo “Georgia on my Mind” w/organ, were all highlights for me. Truly one of the best shows I have ever seen. MSG is the best big venue ever. One wish: Sea of Joy, off the Blind Faith album. Killer tune. We got 4/6 though.

    Clapton also quasi-announced a bigger tour in the works.

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