Bloggy Goodness: Bonnaroo Stretches The Lead

We were very impressed when the initial Bonnaroo lineup surfaced a few weeks ago. Now we’re feeling down right fluffy after hearing about the first two acts who are set to play late night sets, and a couple of interesting artist additions. Returning to the late night slot will be My Morning Jacket who delivered a legen, wait for it, dary late night set two years ago. Also joining in on the late night fun will be Phil Lesh & Friends – where one would hope plenty of sit-ins will abound.


Meanwhile, Cat Power and Zappa Plays Zappa head up the list of artist additions.

  • Nas has an ax to grind with Maxim’s liberal review policies, too
  • Which one is not like the others? .38 Special, Charlie Daniels, Sonic Youth
  • Is that Muppet Rawk? Turn it up!
  • The Alice In Chains biopic – Get Born Again – finds their Layne Staley
  • Leftover Cheese let’s us know how to make the most out of less then $4
  • If you’re not listening to The Virgins yet, you should be

Finally, there is some news swirling around that Rod The Bod (that’s what they used to call him folks) is interested in teaming up with The Black Keys to make a blues record. How about getting The Faces back together too? This way you will no longer have to be thought of as the King of Schmaltz.

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  1. superfly is making some strides to still make their part-ay theee part-ay to be at this summer.

    The MMJ/Phil additions were the best so far for festies’ artist additions.

    but really though….TWO straight nights of radiohead! hmmm, wouldn’t that classify as epic?

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