Representative of the Midwest: Van Ghost/TR3

We all know he is a hell of a sideman, but personally I’m excited to see BandLeaderTim emerge from his slumber. On an acoustic, Reynolds balances between gorgeous chord voicings against frantic flurries of single-note runs. His picking is rarely rivaled, and I can’t wait to see him wielding an electric ax out in front of a rhythm section.

Van Ghost is the brainchild of Chicago indie promoter Mike Berg. After spending some years booking and promoting other top-notch national and local acts, Berg decided it was time for his own music to be heard. No slouch himself, Mike filled in with some of the country’s best musicians whose resumes include the Trey Anastasio Band, Fareed Haque Group, and RANA.

Self-described as “classic or folk rock,” the heart of Van Ghost’s songs lie in the interaction between Berg and vocalist/trumpet player Jennifer Hartswick. Berg’s voice has just the right touch of timidity, making each word he sings seem honest and direct. Hartswick has an impressive resume herself stemming from being a staple of Trey Anastasio’s band since he expanded from the trio. Her powerful vocals and elastic trumpet phrasing leave the audience hanging on every note, eagerly awaiting what she will do next. Their voices mesh beautifully, allowing the feeling and passion of Berg’s lyrics to shine.

As a band, Van Ghost evokes a sound reminiscent of Glenn Campbell’s 70s big sound mixed with a touch of CCR and the Dead’s country period. They perform Berg’s songs with precision and tenderness, allowing the lyrics and music to blend in a way that the overall songwriting craft becomes the center of attention.

Triple Dot Mas Presents:
Tim Reynolds Band
Van Ghost
The Double Door
1572 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago, IL 60622
$15 adv / $17 dos

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  1. I am really looking forward to this show! The Metro blew us away and we think this one will be even better. Happy Anniversary 3D-Mas!!! Chicago Loves You!

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