Better Than Noodling: Ben Kweller

When Kweller’s solo debut Sha Sha finally came out in 2002, he emerged with an album full of catchy pop hooks and the big rock riffs from his grunge past. Enough talk, check out Wasted & Ready…


You only need to hear that one once, and you can already sing along right?

Ben’s sound has matured a bit since his debut, relying less on crunchy guitar and leaning more towards a melodic indie sound. Live Kweller is a bundle of energy, bouncing around the stage putting on the kind of show you can help leaving with a perma-grin. See for yourself with this performance of Penny On A Train track off his most recent release…


If you like what you hear I can highly recommend all three of Ben’s releases and come this fall his fourth full length will hit stores called Changing Horses – so keep on eye out for it.

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  1. good read man, thanks! this is a name and face ive seen for a while, but never really gave any listen to. pretty good rockin pop! he looks a little like that fugly snowboarder kid

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