One Timers: Play ‘Em Again Trey

The Great Curve
Original artist: Talking Heads
Only performance: 10-31-96 – Atlanta, GA


This rhythmic, percussion driven track was a highlight of Phish’s Remain in Light performance at the now-demolished Omni. Joined by Dave Grippo (saxophone), Gary Gazaway (trombone) and Karl Perazzo (percussion) for the entire second set, Phish and company tore through The Great Curve with just the right combination of aggression and
precision. If practice makes perfect, then a few runs through this one could vault it to the top of any Phish fan’s “best covers” list.

Oh! Sweet Nuthin
Original artist: The Velvet Underground
Only performance – 10-31-98 – Las Vegas, NV


The closing track of Loaded served as the second set closer for the Halloween 1998 Velvet Underground musical costume in Sin City. With Page McConnell taking the lead on vocals, this heartfelt tribute to a seedy side of late 60’s/early 70’s New York City rang out like a church bell in the Thomas & Mack Center. The slow burn build-up serves Phish very well and this song has a great one.

You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere
Original artist: Bob Dylan
Only performance – 7-30-03 – Camden, NJ


This catchy Dylan-penned tune was played two shows prior to the IT festival and Trey Anastasio emphasized the “…when we come up to IT” line for a little extra motivation for the 40 hours of traffic that loomed. This tune seems to be covered nightly by various artists from your average jamband to country and western groups twanging their way
through it. But Phish’s version is on the money and it would have made a nice addition to any first set.

Original artist: The Who
Only performance: 10-31-95 – Chicago, IL


The Who and the horns made for a wonderful combo that night at the Rosemont Horizon. The horn riff in 5:15 is electric. Something about The Who and Phish just meshes very well together which is especially apparent on this song. And let’s face it, plenty of Phish fans know the feeling of being out of their brains on a train.

Original artist: Pink Floyd
Only performance: 11-2-98 – Salt Lake City, UT


The first version, part of the complete surprise that was 11-2-98’s second set cover of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon was choppy and rough, kind of like the relationship between Roger Waters and David Gilmour. And Phish was probably still fighting the Vegas hangover a bit that night in Salt Lake City. But this Floyd classic has several solos that were made for Trey and his tone and has plenty of room for exploration and expansion, two things Phish did as well as any band out there.

What was your favorite Phish one-timer? Let us know by leaving a comment below…

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19 Responses

  1. Them Changes by Buddy Miles. Haven’t heard their version, but feel as though this would be a clutch tune for Phish to groove. (does it deserve an asterisk since I think Trey band played it?).

    Trenchtown Rock by Mr. Bob Marley another good one.

    Hurricane by Bob Dylan (anything with more acoustic Phish).

  2. great choices Luke. I’d second Terrapin Station taboot.

    Probably my favorite one timer was Sabotage, but I don’t know that they should ever do that again. It was perfect as it was.

  3. Let’s dig a little deeper than Halloween shows though, since clearly those were meant to be one-times though some of those songs did manage to make their way into rotation. How about some of these…

    Gold Soundz (Pavement) – 7/21/99
    Rhinoceros (Smashing Pumpkins) – 8/3/98
    Running With The Devil (Van Halen) – 8/6/98
    Sweet Virginia (The Rolling Stones) – 9/26/99
    Ramble On (Led Zeppelin) – 8/1/98

  4. Running with the Devil is priceless, you can hear them laughing during the chorus.

    And Ramble On, like Sabotage, is also not a one-timer. Late summer/Fall ’98 = crazy covers. Also I prefer the other version, 8/12/98 >>Slave. Ill.

    How about Talking Heads “Burning Down the House” 8/12/98?

  5. that Misty Mountain Hop in Canada in 99 was one of my favorite covers ever…

    so energetic so exciting… and that was the first swing…

    i also would like to add, that I LOVE the author’s tone in regards to the fact that we’re not refering to a time when phish MAY come back, but instead talking of this date as if it’s already set in stone…

    big thumbs up..

  6. top of mind here and not necessarily the entire phish, yet stat geeks, i’m sure, will find one nonetheless.

    2003 memorial gym in burlington,vt for jazz fest when the final encore after a two-night run for TAB was

    Root Down.

    i just recaptured this disc from a friend a listened to it today while on the road for my job. I was there live too and Wow….unlike ‘gettin jiggy wit it’-hampton style, —-this Root Down is Excellent!

  7. That Omni show was epic & having grown up w/ a dad who was a big Talking Heads fan, I enjoyed it even more!

    I gotta say I that ‘Big Pimpin’ needed a mention though!

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