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Lonely and looking for someone to chat with? Need some advice? Ran into some trouble and need to get bailed out of jail? Well look no further than psychedelic rockers The Black Lips who have started their own hotline to call for just such problems. Here’s some info straight from the band’s blog

we got a new phone and don’t know what to do with it so we started a hotline. It’s inspired by CB and Hamm radios, because people don’t use those anymore, and we think truckers are cool. It’ll give us something to do in the van. The minutes will probably expire, and i’m not paying for that shit.

So give the band a ring at 949-836-7407 and let us know if they give some good advice, while you at it see if Jenny is around too.

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  1. that message was like listening to a lil’ kid attempt a 10-sec. karaoke bit. (im my best simon cowell ‘limey’ voice.

    i’ll stick to cactus’ hotline.

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