Stormy Mondays: Ghosts of Jambands Past

Next up is John Scofield doing what was really a defining tune for his band(s) from the immediate post A-Go-Go days right up to 2003, when the band was put on the shelf: Jungle Fiction. It was a staple for years, going unnamed until the unfortunately titled Uberjam album, and this version is from 2003, featuring the core trio (Sco, Adam Deitch on drums and Avi Bortnick on rhythm guitar and effects) plus Gov’t Mule bassist Andy Hess, who took over for Jesse Murphy in the later years.

Now Zero doesn’t exactly fit the mold here- wrong coast, wrong time period (having its heyday in the mid 90’s), and this cut even comes from last year (the ban having reformed for a few short tours and festival gigs). But there is no doubt that the band could get down and freak out with best of them, so in honor of Mrtin Fierro who died last week, we close out with a stunning Greg’s Eggs from outside Grand Central Station on a gorgeous Saturday morning last Earth Day. Meester babbling while the song took shape, screaming up through the concrete canyons- man, it just doesn’t get any better. This is a great one. As always, enjoy!

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  1. the late 90’s and early 00’s had tons of those groove bands – yup lots or organ and horns… they all crashed in a wave of 2003 although some might still be around — bands like Ulu, Miracle Orchestra, Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe, Robert Walters 20th Congress, Raisinhill, Topaz, Garaj Mahal, Michael Ray & the cosmik krew, New Deal, Deep Banana blackout

  2. There’ll be some Schleigho next time around- the HO Down used be the best smallest fest around. Someone pointed out to me a couple years ago that the groove band wave crashed when the war began, and I think that’s true. The whole music scene rushed to indy rock, with it’s darker, more brooding vibe. I think the change in The Slip is really clear along those those line. People can have a hard time having fun with funk when their gov’t is slaughtering people.
    I actually saw Garaj Mahal (who are very much around, just not on this coast) the night before the invasion and they encored with an incredible Gulam Sabri dedicated to all those who were about to be killed- heavy shit.
    Also, funny that Galactic and Soulive have survived and even prospered.

  3. Raisinhill is still one of my favorites.. I dont know if Id lump them into the ‘groove’ categroy though.. standup-bass/guitar/drums, and they wrote some of the most beautiful melodies and changes

  4. garaj, soulive are two of my fave bands today.
    galactic is up there, but the garaj and soulive are both excellent groove bands.
    speaking of ‘jambands past’, l also dig ominous seapods, ulu, dbb, Yolk, The Egg, Peter Prince and Moon Boot Lover (still rocking), percy hill, etc…

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