Cover Wars: Space Oddity Edition

The Breakfast: These guys have been known to throw some huge jams after playing the composed parts of this tune, while I researched I found many lengthy versions on The Archive.

God Johnson: Strong vocal performance all around in this one…there’s a little volume fluctuation on the recording, so be careful with that if you’re listening in on headphones.

Langley School Music Project: I’ll just quote Bowie on this one, “The backing arrangement is astounding. Coupled with the earnest if lugubrious vocal performance you have a piece of art that I couldn’t have conceived of, even with half of Colombia’s finest export products in me” Hiyo! If you dig this, I recommend checking out the entire collection Innocence and Despair.



Local H: I had never heard of these guys before this week, but if half the stuff on their Wikipedia page is true, they are fucking crazy and I like it! Oh yeah, and the performance is great, especially for two dudes, nice extended intro.

Natalie Merchant: Smooth.


Perpetual Groove: Tasteful, rockin, and as always with these guys: Great Lights!


String Cheese Incident: Another holiday show addition, SCI busted this out in the encore of their NYE 2002 performance.

Trey Anastasio: I like Trey’s volume control where he’s almost whispering the lyrics half the time, but like a lot of the covers he pulled out in 2005, the polish simply isn’t there…

ulu: Oh ulu, to me you guys will always be that band that did that kick-ass version of the Mario Brothers theme music. Nice arrangement here as well, I miss these guys…

So that’s your 10 choices this week. Choose wisely and as always, please don’t play any versions of Space Oddity in my presence for the next 12 – 16 weeks.

Here’s some Bowie video before you go:


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