Intermezzo: Jamtopia Unveils New Feature

If you’ve ever searched for a live concert DVD on Amazon you’ve probably noticed how unintuitive the interface has become. We’re glad that Amazon offers 28 billion products, but sometimes we just want to find the new Iron Maiden DVD quickly. Our friends at Jamtopia just unveiled a Live Concert DVD Finder that makes the process quick and painless.

As always we’ve got a batch of links to help you over the hump:

Finally, Snoop Dogg, !!!, and Lotus are among a diverse group of performers the Disco Biscuits have tapped to play at Camp Bisco VII on July 17 – 19 in Mariaville, New York. HT Contributor Nate had the line of the day when he said: “I’d love to travel back in time 15 years and tell Snoop that he’d be playing Jamband festivals in 2008. He’d probably cap my ass.” Let’s hope Snoop records his experience for Fatherhood.

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