Hors D’Oeuvres: Duplicating Deaner’s Axe

Dean Ween spent the last few years looking for an adequate backup guitar without much success. The master luthiers over at the Fender Custom Shop came up with a solution by offering to replicate the red frankenstein stratocaster the Ween guitarist has been playing forever. Deaner recently sent the axe to the custom shop, where the guitar makers took the guitar apart to photograph and weigh each of the components. Check out this page for a detailed set of photos.

Here’s a batch of links to keep you busy this morning:

And we couldn’t end this column without taking Jim Harrington of the Costa County Times to task. Harrington put together a list of his 10 favorite concert films, and put the Beastie Boys’ Awesome I F*ckin Shot That ahead of The Last Waltz. The Beasties’ film certainly offers a fresh look at the live music experience, but putting it ahead of Martin Scorsese’s masterpiece?

Leave a comment below if you think I’m way off base…

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  1. I think you’re on base, but I think the Last Waltz is still a #3 or #4. I love the Last Waltz but some of the coked out interview sequences and pre-recorded performances require some indulgence (could have been cut). Glad to see the Grateful Dead movie get some love, that shit is really good. Stop Making Sense is a no-brainer. Perfect for any occasion.

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