BFF Alert: Pitchfork and Dave Matthews

No, that headline isn’t an April Fools Day joke. The folks at Pitchfork have indeed heaped some praise on Dave Matthews after news surfaced yesterday that his label ATO Records had signed indie-rock pin-up girl Liz Phair. Along with releasing her new album in the fall, they will also reissue a deluxe edition of her seminal debut album Exile In Guyville. Here’s what the hyper-critical website had to say:

And who do we have to thank for all of this Liz Phair goodness? Why, Dave Matthews, of course! Matthews is one of the co-founders of ATO Records, which in addition to putting out the reissue has signed Phair for a new studio album due in the fall. (Yes, she is no longer on Capitol Records.) AND Dave introduces the Guyville Redux DVD.

So between this, My Morning Jacket, and Radiohead, is it finally time to stop hating Dave Matthews?

For those of you out there that only know Liz from her recent forays into mainstream pop, I highly suggest picking up this reissue when it hits stores on June 24th.

We’d have to agree with the Forksters on the point that Mr. Matthews has assembled quite the stellar roster of artists for his label, which also includes the likes of Gomez, Ben Kweller, The Whigs and Gov’t Mule.

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  1. Screw pitchfork. I could read 35 reviews over there and still not know what the hell the record might sound like. I’m pretty sure that place is simply an online competition to see you who can use the longest, most pretentious words in a music review, make the worst analogies and basically be a bunch of elitist shit for brainers.

    I love pitchfork!

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