Stormy Mondays: Songwriter Edition

This week’s Stormy Monday is the songwriter edition, and really just an excuse to plug two excellent albums released last week. The first is Jackie Greene’s Giving Up the Ghost which provides our opening track, the groovy little I Don’t Live in a Dream. The album is a top notch effort and includes guest like David Hildago, and phriends Larry Campbell and Phil Lesh. The second is the new Wood Brothers offering, Loaded, although the Atlas here is a live version from Newport.

A second dose of Mr. Greene comes from an old Verve release called Sweet Somewhere Bound, and the second dose of the Wood Brothers, Postcards from Hell, is off the new joint. The mix fills out with a few choice cuts from some of the best minds out there, including an exceedingly rare acoustic Bob and Jerry version of This Time Forever from 1978. The tune has been a staple Ratdog since the beginning, but I recently heard an interview with Weir in which he explained that it’s a very old song built on a pretty melody that Garcia traded him in return for the chorus of Might as Well.

Nathan Moore gives us When a Woman Cuts Your Hair from his recent treatise on melancholy, In His Own Worlds, although he does do it with the much more fun Surprise Me Mr. Davis too. To cap it all off is Mr. Bobby Lee Rogers and the Codetalkers doing a transcendent Body in the Lake back in 2005. Col. Bruce and Jimmy Herring are on hand to help out, so make sure you turn it up. Enjoy!

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