Grace Potter: Hail To The Red, White & Blue

God Bless America….

Both of these were for a photo shoot for the now deceased Harp magazine where Grace picked her five favorite protest songs.

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11 Responses

  1. Uhm – hello!!!

    I’ll sign up for the armed forces if i had Grace preside over my induction ceremony!


    i hope someone puts that flag up on eBay – i will buy it and fold it and save it for a rainy day…

  2. In honor of the fiftieth state in the Union, I am now going to make a map of Hawaii on my shower floor with these pictures in my head….

  3. She is beautiful but the flag is more so. It is not only touching the ground she is STANDING on it. It is our flag… it is the representation of us/U.S.

    I know it is only a piece of cloth and in that context not worth a lot more them my or your shirt. But no one fought and died under my shirt. Grace is beautiful but I hate this picture.

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