HeadCount Film Debuts: A Call To Action

We have less than seven months until one of the most important Presidential elections in this country’s history, and we’re gonna need as many young people to vote as possible. Luckily the good folks at HeadCount are on the case. HeadCount has set out to register 100,000 voters in this election cycle through a campaign that will include registration drives held at more than 1,000 concerts. The organization has ties to about 75 different recording artists and a network of nearly 2,000 volunteers.


Today, HeadCount teams up with iClips to present the documentary, A Call To Action, which mixes music, interviews and concert footage to tell an inspirational story about culture and political organizing. The documentary, which can be streamed in its entirety at iClips, features appearances by John Medeski, O.A.R, Michael Franti, the Disco Biscuits, moe. and a wealth of other artists. So watch the film, register to vote and be sure to thank your local HeadCount representative when you pass by their table at a concert this summer.

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