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Zion Godchaux oozes stage presence, a characteristic that works well in a duo. Russ Randolph, on the other hand, was content to sit back and let his sequencer do the talking. Overall, I had a blast seeing these guys play a style of jamtronica that never got boring. It also didn’t hurt that Boombox’s audience at the Tap Room was 75% female. You don’t see that at many jam band shows. Boombox returns to NYC on June 6 for their first Rocks Off cruise. – Scott Bernstein

White Denim


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You know those bands that open for others band? The ones you generally end up missing to grab a few more drinks at the bar or because you’ve never heard of the band and don’t want to be bothered? Well White Denim is currently one of those bands. The Austin trio will spend the next month or so on the road holding down the opening slot for Tapes ‘N Tapes, but believe me it’s worth going in a little earlier to check these guys out. The band combines the angular jams of Television, with raw visceral punk vocals and a dash of psychedelic blues rock to produce a sound that packs quite a punch – and is currently impressing the shit out of me. These guys only have an EP to their name at the moment, but a full length is on its way this June. In a few short months when everyone is talking about White Denim you can say you saw them when. – Jeffrey Greenblatt

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  1. boombox is always an amazing night.def dont forget your dacne shoes if ur goin to see boombox! They do what they do very well.

  2. I never even heard of BoomBox untill September.
    Seen them 8 times since then!!
    Always a good show leavin’ ya feelin’ good!

  3. Not only are they about the funnest band to see live, Russ and Zion are straight up two of the coolest people I know!!
    And when Molli is on on stage with them doing her thing it makes the night complete!!(Kim Hagen will always be in all our hearts)
    Keep Jammin” my friends~
    Mike C

  4. Considering everything these boys do is amazing, it’s no surprise that in NYC boombox left a footprint!! Those of us who saw them preform with Kim are touched for life, and we will never forget the magic times at that funky farm in Ohio. All i need to say is let these guys, and there tunes, into your life and you won’t listen to music the same ever again!!!

    is awesome number one… show stoppers AWESOME! number 1!
    Zion and Russ Zanesville OH is still waiting on you two to come to the BARN!!!! bring it on we CAN handle it

  6. Scotty B.! Thank you so much for covering BoomBox. This is one of those groups that is blowing up under the radar.

  7. Boombox puts on one amazing show! You can’t help but groove to the funky beats and intoxicating sounds. You will leave begging for more!

  8. Lovin it all the way to egypt!!!!!!! what up zion what up russholdin it down in the NYC, cant wait for yall to get back down to the t-funk-town
    love peace

  9. If you don’t leave a BoomBox show worn out there is something wrong with you. BoomBox is a non-stop dance party leaving you desperate for more.

  10. Boombox is the best! Seen them many times and it never gets old. Non-stop dancing, great sounds and an amazing vibe.

  11. holy crap! I have never seen Cervantes in Denver so packed as it was for BoomBox….the place was bouncing all the way until 300am…

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