Bloggy Goodness: WNEW. We Play All The Hits

New York radio station WNEW has been through a lot of changes since the days when they were considered the seminal station for new and classic rock. Over the years, since abandoning it’s original format, WNEW has seen its focus shift from all talk to alternative rock. Currently 102.7 is an adult contemporary station targeting the young female demo. That’s a long ways away from the station Lou Reed immortalized with the song Rock And Roll.


Well, there is finally some good news about WNEW, as the station’s classic format has been relaunched on the web and HD radio. The new WNEW plans to dip into the vault with vintage broadcasts, along with a current and classic mix of music. It’s crazy seeing old videos of DJ Scott Muni doing his thing.

  • The A.V. Club lists the Top 20 Acts That Peaked With Debut Albums
  • Someone is currently stalking Debbie Gibson – get this guy a calendar
  • Here’s one that will make all you Apple haters happy: 90% Of Amazon MP3 Users Never Used iTunes
  • Aquarium Drunkard kicks down a classic Neil Young show from 1978
  • Noel Gallagher knows why tickets sales for Glastonbury have been slow: to put it bluntly it’s totally because of Jay Z
  • With the PA primaries days away The Boss endorses Obama for President

Finally, this Saturday is Record Story Day. Y’know, those places where you actually used to go and buy your music before the internet. Participating stores around the country will celebrate with giveaways and in-store artists performances. And for all you wax collectors out there, a number of bands will be releasing special 7” singles to commemorate the day.

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9 thoughts on “Bloggy Goodness: WNEW. We Play All The Hits

  1. Saxilla Reply

    pls tell me there will be some Scott Munie soundbites!

  2. Some Dude Reply

    and some Munie Music Marathons

  3. simp Reply

    Hey Guys – this has been my pet project over at CBS for the last several months, and we’re really excited to have launched this week. There’s lots more Muni on the way so stay tuned, and if you’ve got stuff from the old days you’re jonesing to hear, leave us a comment over at and we’ll see if we can dig it up.

  4. simp Reply

    PS – long time HT reader/admirer here. don’t hate if we point to you obsessively over the coming months…

  5. Some Dude Reply

    How about some of those old Dead shows you have lying around? And I definitely remember a radio interview with Phish from ’94 probably around the time of Scotty’s first show.

    Point away!

  6. simp Reply

    I’ll have to look into the Phish interview, haven’t seen them on any of the lists yet. I just listened to Bobby and Jerry sitting down with Scott Muni sometime in ’77. We should be getting that one out there pretty soon. Looks like we might also have GD from MSG in 1990, gotta check on that.

  7. Some Dude Reply

    Nice. That must have been a great listen.

  8. A.J. CRANDALL Reply

    Will there be “Things From England” on Friday afternoons? How about “Old, New, Borrowed & Blue” at lunch time? Will Allison Steele read me a poem at ten o’clock? Will Jonathon Schwarts play “Cast Your Fate To The Wind” and usher in dinner time with “Welcome to the evening”? What about a good “Me and Razoo Kelley” story on Saturday mornings? Can’t be WNEW without those.

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