Picture Show: Bisco @ The Nokia

Simon Posford, who’s collaborating on some new tracks with the band, warmed up the crowd with an hour opening set and DJ’ed a bit more during setbreak, while DJ Spooky started off the second night. Late night included the lights, sounds, and projections of Bassnectar at BB Kings (sans special guests) and Shpongle at the sold out Highline Ballroom.

I’d have to say that the Nokia Theatre works as a great jam-trans venue for the Disco Biscuits. The lights were great, the sound was good (although the bass went a bit overboard early on) and the multiple viewing levels and areas allowed everyone a good view and lots of room (or a comfortable seat for the spunions) to enjoy the show. Heck, if AEG figures out how to get the patrons of a packed show inside in under an hour, instead of a forced wait on Broadway this might become my favorite NYC venue.

04/11/08 Nokia Theatre, New York, NY
Shpongle opened
Set I: Caterpillar, Kamaole Sands> 7-11*> Little Betty Boop*> The City> Kamaole Sands
Set II: Vassillios> Spaga> Above The Waves*> Confrontation**> Caves of the East> Spaga
Encore: Sound One

* – middle section only
** – inverted

04/12/08 Nokia Theatre, New York, NY
DJ Spooky opened
Set I: M.E.M.P.H.I.S.> Lunar Pursuit> Shelby Rose*> Air Song*> And The Ladies Were The Rest Of The Night*

Set II: Rockafella> Above The Waves^> Bazaar Escape**, Resurrection> Spacebirdmatingcall> Shadow> 42
Encore: Mulberry’s Dream

* – inverted
** – ending only
^ – completes 4/11 version (ending and beginning sections only)

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  1. story time

    I’ve come to expect feeling a little old (30) at Biscuits shows, but with no ill will towards to the younger generation. You never really know what will play out; sometimes the scene makes you feel young, other times past your prime. The 11th was a great night and great crowd. We met lots of cool kids and shook many a tail feather with a bunch of nice fans. Great night overall. Loved the whole Vasillios set, but mainly the Vasilious. It was a pleasure it down to meet some chill nice younger Bisco fans. We had fun dancin’ despite mantaining a 5 or 6 year age gap; it made no difference. In fact, it was just a lot of fun

    That’s a long time fave of mine sine the Blind Pig in 1999.

  2. I couldn’t agree more, Rupert. I had a similar experience on Friday and mentioned to a friend what a shame it was that the Bisco fans get such a bad rep for some of the people on the edge of the scene.

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